(Tutorial )How to install XeX menu 1.1 (USB )

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(Tutorial )How to install XeX menu 1.1 (USB )  Empty (Tutorial )How to install XeX menu 1.1 (USB )

Post  JtagXmodzz on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:52 pm

In this tutorial i'll be explaining and walking you though how to install xex menu to your JTAG with a usb.


USB Drive
Xex menu 1.1
A jtagged console
Party Buffalo Drive Explorer

Step 1 - Configure USB to Xbox360 settings
-Connect your USB drive to your console. Go over to System Settings and then down to memory. A USB drive should appear. Select it and it will ask you if you -would like to configure it. Select Configure Now.

Step 2 - Creating folders
In this step we will be creating the content folder for your xbox saves.

1st. Create a new folder on your computer desktop called "Content"
2nd. Inside "Content" you will create a folder called "0000000000000000"

Step 3 - Injecting Xex Menu to 16 0's folder
-After you've successfully downloaded Xex Menu 1.1, you want to open up the .rar
-Open up the live folder and you'll see a folder called "C0DE9999" ; You want to put that folder inside the 16 0's folder

Step 4 - Party Buffalo Time
-Now were going to open up Party Buffalo and find our USB drive. (Go to File>Open>Open Device Selector)
-Once your drive is successfully open, you will be presented with cache partition and data partition. Click Data Partition
-Once Data Partition is open, you will right click in the free space (as shown) and select "Inject Folder"
-Browse and select your "Content" folder and inject it to your "Data Partition" folder

Once it's completely done injecting close out of Party Buffalo and remove your USB. Plug USB into JTAG and page to game library and viola you now have Xex Menu on your JTAG with a USB.


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(Tutorial )How to install XeX menu 1.1 (USB )  Empty Re: (Tutorial )How to install XeX menu 1.1 (USB )

Post  Dallas on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:54 pm

Good Post Man. <3

Making This A Sticky Smile

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